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Essay on Karl Marx - 827 Words

Akhil Chawla English 10 Honors Mr. Immler May 17, 2000 The Life of Karl Marx Karl Marx was one of the greatest thinkers ever. Studying law and philosophy, he became an important social philosopher and revolutionary. He influenced the lives of millions of people in generations well past his. A man of mystery in the democratic societies, Karl Marx led an interesting life of new ideas that would influence millions in the future. Karl Marx was born on May 5th, 1818 (Karl Marx). He was the eldest son of Heinrich and Hennrietta Marx. He was born in Trier, Germany. Karl was the oldest surviving boy of nine children (Coser). Heinrich Marx was a very successful and well-educated lawyer (Marx, Karl, Britannica). Both parents were†¦show more content†¦On October 15th, 1842, Marx became editor of the Rheinische Zeitung. He was required to write many editorials from a variety of social issues. He also wrote about the new phenomenon of communism (Marx, Karl, Grolier). On June 19th, 1843, Karl Heinrich Marx was wedded to Jenny von Westphalen. The marriage took place seven years after their engagement (Marx). Jenny was an attractive, intelligent, and much-admired woman. She was four years older than Karl (Marx, Karl, Britannica). Karl Marxs wife was the sister of the women who later became the Prussian Minister of the Interior (Walmsley). Jenny gave birth to seven children, one dying at birth, leaving six. Their names were Jenny, Laura, Edgar, Heinrich, Franziska, and Eleanor. Only Jenny, Laura, and Eleanor survived into their teens (Basgen). After much writing on social problems Karl began to take much interest in communism, which was a new idea being spread (Walmsley). Marx decided to summarize these ideas into his own book. He would change the way people lived for years to come. In late 1847 Karl Marx wrote the Manifesto of the Communist Party, commonly called the Communist Manfesto (Marx, Karl, Grolier). It covers all aspects of communism. All communist governments were based off of the Communist Manifesto (Marx, Karl, Encarta). It consists of four parts; they are Bourgeois and Proletarians, Proletarians and Communists, Socialist andShow MoreRelatedKarl Marx Essay922 Words   |  4 PagesKarl MarxKarl Marx was an influencell economist during the 1800s. Marx has his own economic theory, called Marxism. Marx, a radical Communist ideas and philosophies played important roles int the forming of Communist nations during the twentieth century. Marx’s ideas would and have influenced the course of history. Even t oday, well past his death his philosophies and ideas are still talked about. Marx’s ideas are captured in his book the Communist manifesto. Communism is â€Å"a theory or system ofRead MoreKarl Marx And Karl Polanyi1668 Words   |  7 PagesAdam Smith, Karl Marx and Karl Polanyi are writer of capitalism, that have influenced capitalism in different ways to making capitalism what it is today. Adam Smith known as the father of the political economy, developed the concept of the invisible hand; which explains how self-interest and competition in a free market economy, would allow economy prosperity. Another concept Smit developed is division of labour which say that jobs a business should be specialised, instead of one person having toRead MoreTheories of Karl Marx1427 Words   |  6 PagesINTRODUCTION Karl Marx, also a philosopher was popularly known for his theories that best explained society, its social structure, as well as the social relationships. Karl Marx placed so much emphasis on the economic structure and how it influenced the rest of the social structure from a materialistic point of view. Human societies progress through a dialectic of class struggle, this means that the three aspects that make up the dialectic come into play, which are the thesis, antithesis and theRead More Karl Marx Essay1509 Words   |  7 PagesKARL MARX: A CRITICAL PROFILE 1. Contribution Like Charles Darwin (1809-82), his contemporary, Karl Marx (1818-83) has had a profound impact on modern thought. This German philosopher, social scientist, and professional revolutionary formulated a theory of social change that influenced most modern forms of socialism and communism. Marx pioneered conflict theory. Motivated by a belief in human emancipation, he tried to discover a way to free people from the social, political, and economic constraintsRead MoreEssay on karl marx2434 Words   |  10 PagesKarl Marx is one of the most reputed philosophers of the 19th Century. Born in 1818 in a middle class family, Marx studied law in Bonn and Berlin and later plunged deeper into the ideas of Hegel and Feurbach (Wheen, 2007). It is after receiving his doctorate in philosophy in 1841 from the University of Jena that he moved with his family to Paris where he became a radical revolutionary communist and teamed up with Friedrich Engels, another radical philosopher of his time. They coll ectively authoredRead More Karl Marx Essay1742 Words   |  7 Pagesher particular contribution. There are many of sociologys founding figures that have extremely well-built ideas, practices and studies that I could explore, but one renowned philosopher stands out amongst the crowd, and that person is named Karl Marx (1818-1883). In this essay I aim to explore and critically assess his ideas, theories, and studies in his contribution to sociology, and if his ideas, theories and studies are useful to this contribution to sociology. Sociology began in theRead MoreKarl Marx and Marx Weber Essay1141 Words   |  5 PagesKarl Marx and Marx Weber The latter part of the nineteenth century was teeming with evolved social and economical ideas. These views of the social structure of industrial society came about through the development of ideals taken from past revolutions such as the Industrial Revolution which steamed ahead paving the way for growing commerce, and widened the gap between the classes. The developmentRead More The Life of Karl Marx1160 Words   |  5 PagesThe Life of Karl Marx Karl Marx was the co-author of The Communist Manifesto, along with Friedrich Engels. The Communist Manifesto is a pamphlet that was written to let the public know how the working class was being treated, and to try to get rid of the class system that existed at the time. Marx believed that many of the workers throughout England were not being treated fairly and that something needed to be done about it. Marx explains, â€Å"The history of all hitherto existing society is theRead MoreThe Contribution Of Karl Marx Essay1337 Words   |  6 Pagescontribution of Karl Marx to the study of sociology, throughout this essay I will be discussing what Marxism is, how Marxism has affected today’s society as well as academics that did not agree with Marx’s theories. Marxism is the social and economic system based on the theories of Karl Marx and Freidrich Engels. Karl Marx was born in Trier, Germany in 1818, Marx studied law and Berlin University but later changed to philosophy until finally perusing his interest in journalism. When Marx finished hisRead More Karl Marx Essay1110 Words   |  5 Pagesas a bad thing. Karl Marx would disagree. He formed the basic ideas of communism in his writings. He argued that communism was the eventual government that formed out of many unsuccessful governments. Many modern communists either use his ideas or use parts of his ideas to form their own. Karl Marx is the true father of communism. Marx was born in Trier, Prussia on May 5, 1818 (Beales). His family was Jewish, but his father converted the family to Protestantism when Marx was born. When he

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The Impact Of Computer Surveillance At The Workplace

An Assessment of the Impact of Computer Surveillance at the Workplace Abstract Computer surveillance refers to the use of computers to track the activity of individuals at the workplace. It is a common practice especially in industries that have a large number of employees whom they cannot monitor in person. The research will examine computer monitoring as one of the methods which the management uses to monitor employee activity at the workplace. The researcher will examine the advantages of computer monitoring at the workplace in detail in relation to the legal realm, public perception and criticism. Firms store most of their data in the computer database. In fact, many companies rely on computer networks to communicate with its employees, stakeholders and clients. It has been proved that computers help a business ease its activities such as record keeping, monitoring employees and word processing among others. However, the use of computers in the work place breeds concerns such as security threats and privacy issues. Computer systems are not only prone to hackers but also other security issues that may compromise the company’s activities and social integrity. The research will probe into some of the advantages and disadvantages of computer surveillance. Keywords: Surveillance, Computer Surveillance, work place, employer, employee, Monitoring, Productivity Definition of the Keywords Surveillance: a close assessment of an individual’s activities especially in suspectedShow MoreRelatedPrivacy Law Of The American Workplace1280 Words   |  6 PagesIn this article Evans summarized privacy law in the American workplace, and also scholar Mathew Finkin painted a dramatic picture of the surveillance under which many many American employee work. Moreover, Finkin mentioned in this article that 34% of American employee are monitored continuously with regard to their email and internet usage privacy. In addition, He also pointed that The problem of employee privacy and productivity becomes more significant as the boundaries between formal and informalRead MoreThe Rights and Ethics of Employees with Respect to Privacy at Work788 Words   |  4 Pagesprompted many employers to engage in electronic surveillance of their employees. Employers are monitoring—and even recording—employees’ personal phone calls, e-mails, and workplace conversations. Video cameras are trained on employee parking lots, break areas, and other parts of the workplace. Today’s employers have the legal right to conduct search and seizure of employees’ personal property; monitor the employee’s telephone calls, workplace computer, Internet, fax use, and e-mail; perform employeeRead MoreEssay On EPM1018 Words   |  5 Pagespractices, three general categories dominate computer-based monitoring, telephone call, accounting and service observation; and video surveillance. a) Computer-based monitoring: This allows an employer to review specific activities of employees who work on computers. This practice is most pervasive in areas of employment that involve highly repetitive tasks. For example, many mail sorters and data processors perform repetitive activities on computer monitors connected to a mainframe, allowing employersRead MoreMonitoring and Survellaince of Employees642 Words   |  3 PagesMonitoring and survellaince of employees Pro One of the key benefits of monitoring employee computer activity is maximising workplace productivity. In today’s society, most workers spend the majority of their time on their computers and on the Internet. This issue has great prevalence in modern society, as a recent survey found that one out of every eight American workers spend two or more hours per day writing and reading personal e-mails and using their work-based Internet connection for non-workRead MoreModern Day Commercial Firms Have A System Of Computer Based Network1775 Words   |  8 Pages Many modern day commercial firms have a system of computer based network to track the activities of their employees at the workplace. Employers can track the emailing and browsing history alongside any other activity carried out by an employee using computers even if they clear the history (Reynolds, 2011). Companies are on the run to come up with strict policies to track the use of the computers among employees. Some firms argue that computer based monitoring is important although it is quite expensiveRead MoreComputer Surveillance : The Legal Realm, Public Perception And Criticism2582 Words   |  11 PagesComputer surveillance refers to the use of computers to track the activity of individuals at the workplace. It is a common practice especially in industries that have a large number of employees whom they cannot monitor in person. The research will examine computer monitoring as one of the methods which the management uses to monitor employee activity at the workplace. The resea rcher will examine the advantages of computer monitoring at the workplace in detail in relation to the legal realm, publicRead MoreComputer Monitoring At The Workplace2563 Words   |  11 Pageswill examine computer monitoring as one of the methods which the management uses to monitor employee activity at the workplace. The researcher will examine the advantages of computer monitoring at the workplace in detail in relation to the legal realm, public perception and criticism. Firms store most of their data in the computer database. In fact, many companies rely on computer networks to communicate with its employees, stakeholders and clients. It has been proved that computers help a businessRead MoreElectronic Surveillance in the Workplace6778 Words   |  28 PagesElectronic surveillance in the workplace Electronic Surveillance in the Workplace: Concerns for Employees and Challenges for Privacy Advocates Anna Johnston and Myra Cheng Paper delivered 28 November 2002 International Conference on Personal Data Protection Hosted by Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee, Korea Information Security Agency Seoul, Korea Ms Anna Johnston is the NSW Deputy Privacy Commissioner. Ms Myra Cheng is a Research amp; Policy Officer with Privacy NSWRead MoreThe Concept Of Power May Always Be Debatable1119 Words   |  5 Pagesfascination with the panopticon, he demonstrates the impact constant surveillance has, not just in prisons, but also in society as a whole. The panopticon is a type of institutional building introduced by Jeremy Bentham. To gain a mental picture of the design of the panopticon, imagine a circular building with a tower in the very center. This tower can be referred to as an inspection house. The purpose of this tower is solely for round-the-clock surveillance of inmates, ensuring they can always be seenRead MoreEst1 Task21159 Words   |  5 Pagesresponsible actions at all times. An employee’s actions in both personal life and professional life should avoid any situations that (A) could be construed as harmful to the company or its employees or (B) cause negative public reactions that could impact Company X customers or customer relations in adverse ways. You are a Company X representative during work hours and during off work hours. Violations of Company X rules of acceptable behavior will be viewed as misconduct, which upon review can constitute

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Role of Print Media in Conflict Resolution a Comparative...

Role Of Print Media In Conflict Resolution: A Comparative Study Of Daily Dawn Jang Newspapers Regarding The Issue Of Lal Masjid AEMEN KHALID Session: 2006 to 2008 Supervisor: Dr. Anjum Zia DEPARTMENT OF MASS COMMUNICATION LAHORE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN UNIVERSITY LAHORE 2008 ABSTRACT This research paper investigates â€Å" the role of Daily Dawn and Daily Jang with reference to conflict resolution in case of Lal Masjid†.The study applied a social sciences methodology using content analysis technique to analyze the data. The study generates a substantial body of initial information about the role of print media in inter-state conflicts. A total of 302 news stories from the front and back page and 32 editorials and editorial notes of two†¦show more content†¦Young agrees that both print and electronic media contributes to conflict escalation, either directly or indirectly. He observes that media focus in many cases is selective and events such as battles or bombings receive more coverage (Young, 1991) Kamala Sarup (2003) noted that we cannot play effective role in preventing conflicts until the very nature and the root causes are understood. Even it is known that media is a vital factor for peace, democracy and a dignified human development. Media r eporting on the possibilities for conflict resolution could become a useful support for non-violent problem solving. Many research studies have been conducted to observe the effect and coverage of national and international print media on readers regarding different issues. (Abid Masood Tehami, Farooq Rana Shabana Mubasher). Findings of previous researches had made the researcher to conclude that print media plays an important role in a nation’s life. The print media have taken a long time to mature as a platform for dispassionate analysis and free expression of news and views about public life but no study has been carried out in Lahore, Pakistan regarding conflict resolution and prevention for an inter-state issue, particularly Lal Masjid prior to this study. The study addressed the questions â€Å"how much coverage both newspapers have given to the news items positively supporting the issue and

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Identify the language and literary techniques used by the poet Essay Example For Students

Identify the language and literary techniques used by the poet Essay Identify the language and literary techniques used by the poet (Thomas Hardy in The Voice) and discuss why these techniques have been used. By exercise Thomas Hardy in his poem The Voice deals with the theme of the consequences of grief and loss. He addresses this theme by means of examining his own feelings at his wifes death, his wish to relive the past, his wish to be reunited with her and his feelings of despair and hopelessness at what life has become for him without her. To convey his theme to the reader, Hardy uses a range of language and literary devices such as Juxtaposition, varied line length, sound devices, imagery, connotation, word choice, rhetorical question and repetition. In the first stanza Thomas Hardy Illustrates his great grief at the loss of his wife. He misses her a great deal and senses that she Is calling out to him. He longs for her and longs to be with her. The depth of his grief Is clear from the use of the word much in woman much missed and the repetition of you call to me. A consequence of his grief and loss is that he believes she calls to him and that she has changed back to the girl he first met and married and when they were happy, when our day was fair. Grief clearly has a great impact on individuals. In the second stanza he questions whether he Is literally hearing from her. He answers his own question with the request to see her once again standing by the town in the air blue gown that he clearly remembers so well. In his grief Thomas Hardy wishes to ignore time and see his wife as she was when they first met. Grief causes individuals to hope for miracles, so that loneliness and despair can be overcome. In the third stanza Thomas Hardy accepts reluctantly that he Is not hearing his wifes ice but merely the breeze across the field or mead. Here diction and negative connotations show his acceptance that she is dead. He describes the breeze that he mistook for her voice as listless reflecting his own unmotivated state of mind without her. His acceptance that he will never see her again is summed up in the line, dissolved to wan weightlessness. She is dissolved or dead and her voice merely an echo of his despairing state of mind. The alliteration of Wan helplessness provides a long, slow sound reflecting how difficult it has been for him to get over the death of is wife and to carry on. The whole of the third stanza is in the form of a rhetorical question illustrating his awareness of their permanent separation, but his reluctance to accept it. Clearly grief leads to a sense of despair and hopelessness The final stanza uses shorter lines to show that he knows he has to move on and alliteration of faltering forward. The l sound suggesting s painful movements with the likelihood of falling or stumbling. The setting and mood are bleak and anticipate withering and dying, leaves around me falling. The wind oozing thin through the horn from onward underlines the difficulty and pain of moving onward with nothing to look forward to. Grief had him construct hope in his mind of her calling and him seeing her as she was when they first knew each other and were most in love, but he has had to face up to the bleak reality of life without her and the poem ends on a note of suffering and despair with memories providing no comfort. Grief led to the construction of hope. But this fair thought of turning back the clock was but a fancy and individuals have to face up to reality and the inexorable march of time.

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Reviewing the Aesthetic Sense of Korean Cinema through a Western Canvass

The cinema of Korea is a fascinating medium to understand the Hermit nation’s unique culture that developed in isolation over hundreds of years. Watching Korean cinema is an excellent learning exercise to appreciate the nuances of the country’s austere culture which in my observation, feels strangely familiar to Western sensibilities but at the same time, has a mystical allure rarely seen in these parts.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Reviewing the Aesthetic Sense of Korean Cinema through a Western Canvass specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More To further illustrate my observations about the visual appeal of Korean cinema, I will review two sample movies, â€Å"Seopyonjae† and â€Å"Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring†. In doing so, I will explore a couple of themes common to both which I believe, represent the heart and soul of Korean visual aesthetics: melodrama and nostalgia. Taking the example of Seopyonjae, to say that it is a tear-jerker would be an understatement; the film literally haunts you with its melancholic appeal as it explores the lives of two singers who have been brought up in the Korean tradition of Pansori, a traditional musical art form. The film is staged in the period following World War II where a man named Dong-Ho and a woman named Song-Hwa grow up with a Pansori teacher Yu-Bong who forces them to undergo deep pain and suffering in order to learn the art in its true essence. Yu-Bong believes that a true Pansori singer must experience grief and sorrow in order to perfect their talent. Another facet of this film is about a decline of interest in traditional Korean values among people of South Korea, partially due to the brisk pace of Westernization that followed World War II. Clearly, for the latter half, the film harps back on nostalgic themes with the characters yearning to connect with their roots. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring is an allegorical tale that represents the core of Buddhist metaphysics: the values represented by the wheel of life, the cycle of life and death, the continuous slipping away of time. As the titular theme suggests, each season represents a phase in the life of a Buddhist monk – ranging between childhood, teen age, adulthood, middle years and old age. The film depicts a beautiful, sentimental journey that begins with the lead character’s playful, childish innocence (Spring) where he is castigated by his Master for tormenting a snake, a frog and a fish. In his teenage years (Summer), he gives in to lust and against his Master’s wishes, decides to abandon his monastic existence to seek real pleasures of life.Advertising Looking for essay on art and design? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More As he turns to his thirtees (Fall), he murders his wife which drives him insane with guilt so he returns to his Master who chastises him for attempting suicide. In his middle years (Winter), he takes over the monastery following his Master’s death and receives a veiled woman who hands him over a baby. Finally, in his old age (as Spring returns), the monk is guiding the directional path of a fresh apprentice, thus, symbolizing the cycle of life. Clearly, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring conveys the two discussed themes of Korean cinema: melodrama and nostalgia. Along with Seopyonjae, it is somewhat subtle in its depiction of tragic circumstances, but tries to be somewhat fatalistic in its conclusion; as if everything is pre-destined and human beings have no control over their lives. Members of Western audience have a hard time trying to figure out how anyone could give up on their lives so easily, without putting so much of a struggle. The Korean movies make no attempt to depict the outer struggles: the real struggles lie inward. This essay on Reviewing the Aesthetic Sense of Korean Cinema through a Western Canvass was written and submitted by user Frances V. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Ex Convict And Alcoholic Analysis Social Work Essay Essays

Ex Convict And Alcoholic Analysis Social Work Essay Essays Ex Convict And Alcoholic Analysis Social Work Essay Essay Ex Convict And Alcoholic Analysis Social Work Essay Essay This assignment takes up the survey and analysis of Malcolm. An ex-convict with an intoxicant dependence record, Malcolm has late been released, after a long stay, from prison. Presently shacking in a inn for ex-offenders, Malcolm is expecting the allocation of a local authorization flat. Malcolm has been referred to societal services by the inn staff. The complete instance survey is detailed in the appendix. Much of Malcolm s jobs with intoxicant have contributed to his condemnable activity in the yesteryear. However, he has been alcohol free during his long prison sentence and has non resumed imbibing since his release. Malcolm still continues to smoke and in a recent incident about started a fire in the inn when he fell asleep with a lit coffin nail. In add-on to limited mobility, due to arthritis of the articulatio genuss, Malcolm appears to be disoriented, unable to do coherent determinations and organize his life. He seems loath to do societal contact and has refused all efforts to take part in a local tiffin nine or even help of the dial-a-ride community conveyance strategy. His lone household contact is a boy life in Spain, whom he meets twice a twelvemonth. This survey takes up the analysis of the instance survey on Malcolm from the position of societal work theory and pattern applications in appraisal and planning, with specific attending to person-centric and anti-discriminatory attack to pattern. The survey is structured into two parts, each of which trades with a specific societal work method. The first portion trades with the appraisal of Malcolm s instance and the 2nd portion trades with planning of interventional activities. Role of Social Work Theory in Understanding Service Users Social work is basically concerned with the changeless combating of subjugation and favoritism that exists within society and is normally directed towards disadvantaged sections ( Davies, 2008, p 20-25 ) . Social work theory plays a important function in understanding service users from the position of their age, gender, civilization, spiritual and socio-economic backgrounds ( Payne, 2005, p 10-12 ) . The function of societal work theory is important in understanding the fortunes of the service user. Social work theory employs the eclectic usage of theories and legitimises the usage of a wider scope of subjects ( Payne, 2005, p 10-18 ) .Because every state of affairs is different, societal workers must believe laterally and creatively to turn to the demands of their service users, using theories known to them at any given clip whilst being guided by professional values and codifications of behavior ( Payne, 2005, p 10-18 ) . Whilst traditional societal work theory established sociolo gy as a scientific discipline, modern twenty-four hours societal work theory emphasises the importance of subjectiveness, moralss and societal justness with a person-centred attack ( Payne, 2005, p 10-18 ) . Appraisal Assessment, planning and intercession are indispensable elements of modern-day societal work pattern ( Parker A ; Bradley, 2007, p 20-30 ) . Each of these methods constitute critical elements of societal work pattern that purpose to ( a ) set up the existent province of vulnerable people, both immature and old, who are in demand and to ( B ) program and present necessary societal and wellness attention services in order to heighten their societal or economic fortunes ( Parker A ; Bradley, 2007, p 20-30 ) . Malcolm s instance is a cause for serious concern as he suffers from chronic physical and mental wellness jobs originating from prolonged intoxicant maltreatment. A careful appraisal of Malcolm s instance will help in explicating suited programs for intercession. Malcolm is 73 twelvemonth old ex-convict and ex-alcoholic. Much of his condemnable activities in the yesteryear have been attributed to his dependence on intoxicant and he has spent a major portion of his life in prison. Several physical, psychological and societal jobs can attest themselves in drawn-out intoxicant maltreatment ( Connors, et Al, 2004, p 35-42 ) . Some manifestations include assorted wellness jobs like liver cirrhosis, ictuss, backdown from societal activities, devaluation of personal and work relationships, battle in condemnable activities and troubles in executing at work or at place ( Connors, et Al, 2004, p 35-42 ) . The UK has a important aged population ( Department of Health, 2005, p 80-96 ) . Alcohol maltreatment upsets amongst the aged are common, but tend to be ignored, as compared to other physical and mental wellness issues ( Connors, et Al, 2004, p 35-42 ) . In recent old ages the NHS and societal attention services have been doing commissariats and advancing programmes for the well being of older people, particularly in countries of specific disablements ( Department of Health, 2005, p 80-96 ) . Although Malcolm has abstained from intoxicant during and after his release, he finds it hard to reintegrate himself into chief watercourse society. Unable to bear the societal stigma associated with his yesteryear, he is insulating himself. His long dependence on intoxicant has besides led to a scope of physical and mental challenges ( Connors, et Al, 2004, p 35-42 ) . At important hazard, he is besides prone to accidentally wounding himself and others. The inn Staff has raised concerns that he is exposing marks of terrible depression and isolation, abstaining and retreating from engagement in societal activities and sing troubles in doing consistent determinations. In add-on, his creaky articulatio genuss are restricting his mobility. Besides this, he has no beginning of income or occupation. Bing in the aged age group, this farther compounds his job. Under the fortunes, concerns are raised that Malcolm may non be able to get by on his ain, one time the allocation of his local auth orization level comes through. Recent old ages have witnessed the outgrowth of a person-centred attack to societal work pattern ( Thompson, 2006, p 15-19 ) . The attack emphasises that the positions and sentiments of the service are the most of import elements in the appraisal procedure. Social workers are required to follow anti-discriminatory work patterns by extinguishing societal prejudices and developing a echt empathy for service users challenges ( Thompson, 2006, p 15-19 ) . However, Lena Dominelli ( 2004 ) argues that an nonsubjective person-centred attack to societal work pattern is non possible. Harmonizing to Neil Thompson ( 2006 ) discriminatory attitudes and perceptual experiences in societal work constantly go entrenched due to structural, cultural and personal factors. As a societal worker, I have to be cognizant and sensitive to the fact that persons become victims of intoxicant and substance maltreatment despite contrary purposes. Whilst measuring Malcolm s instance, I will necessitate to set up an emphasized, respectful relationship and follow a person-centred attack ( Parker A ; Bradley, 2007, p 20-30 ) . I will necessitate to clear up the intent of societal work, the processs involved and the appraisal and planning procedure ( Davies, 2008, p 35-42 ) . I will besides necessitate to pass on clearly and explicitly his engagement in the complete appraisal procedure and the benefits to be derived from this exercising ( Davies, 2008, p 35-42 ) . I will besides necessitate to guarantee confidentiality and explicate the codification of confidentiality to him ( Davies, 2008, p 35-42 ) . I will besides necessitate to construct a strong and empathic relationship with him and discourse the demand for us to work together with changeless information sharing in order to get the better of his jobs ( Davies, 2008, p 35-42 ) . I will hold to set up the province of Malcolm s mental and physical wellness jobs, his baccy dependence and intoxicant related jobs, his household and societal relationships. My assessment process will affect referral to Malcolm s file ; from ( a ) constabulary and prison records ( B ) general practician s wellness records and medical appraisal ( degree Celsius ) inn staff ( vitamin D ) a personal meeting with Malcolm and, ( vitamin E ) beginning information from Malcolm s boy. I will necessitate to entree his constabulary records to gauge his mental and physical wellness whilst imprisoned, his activities and his relationships with other inmates. Past records from his general practitioner/health worker will enable me to set up the exact province and extent of Malcolm s mental and physical impairment. A fresh medical appraisal would besides be necessary to determine these facets. The inn staff will assist me to find whether Malcolm is a victim of societal stigma and exclusions, his societal backdown, his substance maltreatment and communicating jobs. I will besides necessitate to place Malcolm s personal positions and values, the grounds for his past behavior, with particular respect to alcohol maltreatment and subsequent felon activity and besides the grounds for his present societal backdown, his upbringing and household relationships, his cultural and spiritual background, his instruction, past employment records and the trade or accomplishments that he may hold acquired or possesses. Confirmations from Malcolm s boy will set up the sort of relationship they portion at the minute, their household life in the yesteryear, the sort of parent Malcolm has been and his relationship with boy s female parent. Intervention The chief aim of societal work is to supply aid to fulfill the basic demands and heighten the well being of the service users and to authorise persons who are hapless, laden and vulnerable by effectual intercession ( Parker A ; Bradley, 2007, p 38 -41 ) . Intervention programs are taken in coaction with the client and other members of the squad ( Parker A ; Bradley, 2007, p 38 -41 ) . In explicating intercession programs, the societal worker must needfully see the service user s cultural, cultural, spiritual, socio-economic and educational backgrounds. Harmonizing to the NASW ( 2005 ) Intervention must include programs for ( a ) damages demands identified in analysis, ( B ) information, mention and instruction, ( degree Celsius ) psychological, fiscal, vocational and educational guidance, ( vitamin E ) psycho-educational support systems and ( degree Fahrenheit ) interdisciplinary public assistance planning. An appraisal of Malcolm s instance highlights the fact that a combination of drawn-out intoxicant maltreatment, mental, physical and societal jobs has put Malcolm at important hazard. To enable Malcolm take a more productive being, particularly after he shifts into independent life quarters, it is necessary that Malcolm is provided with ( a ) equal medical and fiscal aid, ( B ) psychiatric and vocational guidance, ( degree Celsius ) Alcoholic Anonymous referral and ( vitamin D ) aid to incorporate into chief watercourse societal life ( Parker A ; Bradley, 2007, p 38 -41 ) . To efficaciously step in in Malcolm s instance, I will hold to assist Malcolm do informed picks. I will besides hold to put up meetings with ( a ) medical practician to measure his physical fittingness, ( B ) psychiatric counsellor/psychologist and ( degree Celsius ) vocational counselor to look into his accomplishments and occupation suitableness ( Parker A ; Bradley, 2007, p 38 -41 ) . Since Malcolm is diffident and withdrawn, I will besides hold to assist him organize a web of friends and to acquire a sure friend to attach to him on dial-a-ride or to the local tiffin nine. I will hold to invariably supervise his advancement to guarantee that he complies and reintegrates himself into chief watercourse society ( Parker A ; Bradley, 2007, p 38 -41 ) . I will besides necessitate to inform him of his rights and privileges as a senior citizen under the NHS and societal attention service strategies and programmes, his right to province fiscal aid, senior citizen aid commissions and groups. I will besides necessitate to guarantee that Malcolm is allotted a suited local authorization flat, within the stipulated clip ( National ..2005, p 21-22 ) Whilst appreciating Malcolm s soundness in abstaining from intoxicant for a significant period of clip, I will hold to explicate the necessity of him fall ining self assist groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous ( AA ) non merely to forestall a reversal of wont but besides to develop self regard. I have besides taken attention to mention his instance to AA and ensured that they have received the referral. Decision A senior citizen, Malcolm has had a history of intoxicant maltreatment and condemnable activities. Recently released from prison, he is now stays in a inn for ex-offenders. Malcolm has been exposing terrible physical and psychological jobs and is at important hazard. The inn Staff has raised concerns that Malcolm may be unable to populate independently. Social work theory plays an of import function in understanding the fortunes of the service users. In recent old ages, societal work pattern has become more person-centred in attack. However, there are statements that societal work pattern can non be to the full individual centred, as factors of structural, personal and civilizations influences are interwoven into the societal worker s character. As his societal worker, I will hold to measure Malcolm from assorted positions of his past history of substance maltreatment and condemnable activities, personal and household relationships, medical records, personal positions and values, inn staff and boy. In carry oning my appraisal, I will hold to set up an emphasized relationship with Malcolm, whilst being sensitive to the issue of substance maltreatment. I will hold to underscore the demand for us to work together for continual information sharing to get the better of his jobs. I will necessitate to guarantee his confidentiality and besides explain the appraisal processs and intercession programs. Whilst making so, I need to be sensitive to the fact that persons become victims of substance abuse despite contrary purposes. The chief aim of societal work is to supply aid and right the demands of the service user identified in the appraisal. Intervention programs are taken in concurrence with the service user and other members of the squad involved in the appraisal. Whilst explicating intercession for Malcolm, I will necessitate to explicate to him the importance and benefits of re-integrating into chief watercourse society. I will hold to help him to construct a web of friends and help of the installations of dial-a-ride and the local tiffin nine. In add-on I will besides hold to supply him information about assorted ego aid groups like AA, senior citizen groups, commissions and programmes and guarantee that he gets the needed aid from these groups. I would besides hold to inform him of his rights as a senior citizen to assistance under the NHS and societal attention programmes. In add-on, I will hold to guarantee a thorough medical appraisal of his physical and mental wellness is conducted and intercession in footings of medicine and psychiatric guidance are provided and availed of. Vocational appraisal and guidance would besides be provided if Malcolm is seeking employment. The ultimate purpose is to pull Malcolm out of his isolation and depression, supply more productive results for his life and re-integrate him into chief watercourse societal life.

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Natural Law the Prevailing Theory in the United States Today Research Paper

Natural Law the Prevailing Theory in the United States Today - Research Paper Example Natural Law is the of knowing of right from wrong instinctively and the ability to make moral decisions based upon those instincts. This is not just a theory formulated years ago and withered with time it is a theory built into the our very being and since the days of Adam and Eve has been the law we have lived our lives by and build our criminology around. Many Christians believe that Natural Law is the will of God and the Ten Commandments certainly reflects that cause.†They Believe That The Nature of Man And The World Reflects The Will of God† (Donald, James A,) and the Ten Commandments encompass all facets of the human instincts toward right and wrong and the formation of our current day laws and how they are enacted. You do not have to believe in God or even consider yourself christian to be inherent to Natural Law, it is not a spiritual entity but an outcome of nature. Natural Law is not something that was invented or created and it existed long before Aristotle and his cronies came up with their theories. In modern day America our entire law revolves around Natural Law, not theories or ideas, and we never have and do not now need legislation to tell us that it is wrong to steal or to kill or even to treat another human being badly. We certainly dont need to visit a lawyer before committing murder or robbing a bank to ascertain if its the right or legal thing to do and the purpose of legal legislation is to give society the right to punish those who are unable to conform with Natural Law and even the perpetrators of acts against Natural Law expect the penalties they receive, if caught, because it is built into their nature to know that they are being immoral and wrong. The right to bear arms in protection of ourselves and our property has always been an inherent part of Natural Law and even now in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution it is not clear on that law.â€Å"There is considerable